Craft your powerful
message & deliver with
confidence, ease and grace
on any stage or screen.
so that you are memorable … remarkable…  UNSTOPPABLE!

It is possible to STOP playing small, find your voice and start changing the world with your message.

Learn how to unearth your big WHY, get crystal clear on your message and craft a powerful talk and deliver it with impact, without going into the masculine in my signature EXPERT SPEAK program

You have a burning message inside of you but you just can’t find the words to share it with confidence?

You have a life changing story inside of you but can't find the clarity to bring it to life?

You have great ideas or a life changing story inside of you but don’t know how to structure it or bring order to it so that you can deliver it impactfully.

You don't like your voice or the way you come across on stage or video when you speak but don't know what or how to change it

You know you need to speak either on stage or screen (video’s, podcast, webinars) and share your message but you are overcome with fear and doubt

You have a HUGE message to share BUT are crippled with the imposter syndrome and question why anyone would ever want to listen to you

You have some deep learnings and great ideas for a talk but need a process to get them out of your head and into the hearts of your audience, that will have a big impact

And because of any one of those reasons you are STUCK and SILENT and no one knows about you.

 “Tap into the power of your message and start to share it with the world”

TV Presenter and professionally trained expert speaker, Sam Buckingham

The Expert Speak Program is for...

Women who know they need to make a bigger impact (and income), by leveraging their expertise and experience through the power of speaking.


Women who have or soon will have a speaking opportunity at conference, convention or other live event


Women who wish to step up into leadership roles and need to harness the power of speaking and presenting to colleagues and clients


Women who wish to have the skills to craft and confidently deliver a powerful speech to any audience, anywhere


Women who wish to tell their story to change lives and make a difference in the world without going into the masculine


Women who need a process to help them get their ideas out of their head so they can share them with the world in a way that will inspire

If you’ve been longing to share your message with the world to make a bigger impact (and income), but haven’t had the clarity, courage or confidence to do it, then this program is for you.

And I will personally show you how to start getting booked so that you start speaking from the get-go!

The EXPERT SPEAK speakers coaching program includes ...

You will create your signature talk within 90 days!

You will achieve this and more with ...

  • A small and intimate group of other driven women - maximum 8 pax
  • 12 weeks of group coaching on Zoom - at either 1100 AEST Wednesdays (Tuesday 1800 PST) OR 2000 AEST Wednesdays (Wednesday 0300 PST) 
  • Access to the EXPERT SPEAK signature program via a private membership portal 
  • Video's, worksheets, handouts
  • A private Facebook group for daily support
  • An invitation to the Speakers Night of the Stars, Sydney Australia. Two events annually. 
  • A GUARANTEED SIGNATURE TALK and a complete transformation in your message, delivery and stage presence

My 7 step signature system includes ...
Unearth your why
Discover what makes you see the world the way you do and what drives you to get up each day. Understand your values and claim what you stand for. Set your North Star. Internal clarity brings deep transformation when speaking! 
Clarify your message
Clear the confusion and clarify your key message so that you can galvanize your talk in the hearts and minds of your audience. Be memorable for your message! 
Structure your talk
Tease out the key learnings of your message and underpin them with a supporting framework of stories, research, data and statistics & famous quotes so that you deliver a kick ass, fully supported talk
Speechcraft Techniques of Orators
Learn powerful speech craft techniques used by world class orators to transform a 'good  talk' into a masterpiece of oratory. This is what only GREAT speakers know to do!  
Vocal Variety
Tap into the power of your voice! Harness  fundamental voice acting techniques to use your voice as your instrument. Leave behind monotone, flatlining and disconnection for an enthralling delivery! 
The Story Telling Formula
My "touching hearts" formula brings stories to life in shades of emotion and meaning for deeper connection and massive impact. Learn how to position your story as the springboard for your talk! 
Signature "speakers" language
Like writers develop their writers voice, speakers develop their speakers voice. Craft a colourful language style that aligns with your message and is authentic to you! Change the landscape of how you talk forever! 
Stage Ready!
Embrace a confident speakers mindset. Learn essential skills to prepare yourself for the stage prior to speaking and harnessing your power. Transform fear and doubt into an energy you can use to guarantee you shine! 
In this 3 month intensive you will develop ... 
Thought leadership status
Harness the power of speaking to become known for your ideas as a thought leader in your space

Use speaking to leverage your expertise and experience so that you can position yourself as the expert in the front minds of your clients

Understand how speaking is the most effective way to demonstrate your value and worth and how to tap into this well of opportunity instantly

The power of the Law of Attraction – once you take the step to crafting your talk, opportunities will begin to present themselves. Be on the front foot and ready!

Increased Income
How delivering a powerful keynote or signature speech instantly increases your credibility, reputation and in-demand status. Become an in demand speaker. 
How to get booked
A professional speakers bio and a 5 step plan to get you noticed and start getting bookings straight away
Sam Buckingham worked as a TV presenter across all major networks for 20+ years.

Sam has also worked as a radio announcer and busy voice over artist, gracing the ears of millions of unsuspecting listeners. From messages on hold to content for information lines, radio and TV ads and online product descriptions, Sam's voice has been behind it all.

Having studied Speech and Drama with Trinity College of London and worked with some of the worlds best voice coaches, Sam has worked her craft across all mediums & now helps people craft powerful messages and deliver with CONFIDENCE, eloquence and impact across stage and screen.
Learn how to unearth your big WHY, get crystal clear on your message and craft a powerful talk and deliver it with impact, without going into the masculine in my signature EXPERT SPEAK program
Enrollment now open
What my clients have to say 
Jessica Nazarali, CEO
Business Strategist and Certified Master Coach

"Speaker training with Sam has TRANSFORMED the way I show up ONLINE.  

At a personal level, the learnings have been deep and insightful, pushing me beyond my comforts, to perform more consciously. That in itself, is powerful.

If you have to even think about how you sound or come across, then that's enough to tell you that you need Sam! "

Sharon Ruddlestone, MBA, Thought Leader

"Its refreshing to have someone on your team who has your back from start to finish and crosses the line with you. Sam delivers and goes above and beyond to do so. No cookie cutter approach, Sam was highly supportive and understood exactly what I wanted and needed to achieve. She lit the way from beginning until end and was personally vested in the end result. 

I couldn't have achieved the end result without her. I can't recommend Sam highly enough. If you want support, guidance, authenticity AND results in the hands of someone who keeps it real, Sam delivers."

Kathy Wong, Social Entrepreneur - MOELOCO

"I worked with Sam to create my Ted Style talk. It was important to me to have the right person alongside me who could help unpack the voluminous amount of ideas, concepts and messages I wanted to share. I was in overwhelm, but not for long.  

Sam is a whiz at clearing the fog and identifying a theme for a talk. She helped me underpin and tie together my content. Sam then taught me speaking techniques to help me become more impactful, and introduced me to the emotional spectrum so as to take my audience on a journey with me.  

I couldn't recommend Sam more highly as a professional and insightful coach in the area of speaking and presenting."

Annie Kenall
Founder, Hello Mojo

I called Sam Buckingham while preparing my very first piece-to-camera script for a global launch campaign. The gorgeous Sam sees straight through your layers of conditioning and tension, and provides a clear pathway towards your true and most rewarding form of expression. 

I recommend her unequivocally to anyone preparing for an important speech, media training, or seeking connection and genuine, effective expression in their everyday life. 

Jane Copeland
Online Business Expert

In today's world, whether online or in person, speaking and presenting are essential business skills for success. Having a clear and compelling message and delivering it with impact is crucial to reaching your audience and making an impact.

Sam Buckingham is Australia's go-to expert for everything to do with speaking. What Sam doesn't know about speaking and voice, isn't worth knowing. 
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